• Lunch Starters

    • Cheese Plate


      Seasonal blends, berries & crostini

    • House Olives


      House marinated artisan olives

    • Hummus


      Chef special with Crostini

    • House Made Soups

    • Miso Soup

      $3.00 | $6.00
    • Soup de Jor

      $3.50 | $7.00
    • Salads

      Add the following proteins to your salad for the prices listed: Grilled Chicken, Buffalo Chicken $3. Shrimp, Scoop of Chicken Picatta, Spicy Tuna $4. Steak, Grilled Mahi, Salmon, Ahi Tuna $5.

    • Caprese Salad


      Beefsteak tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil & greens.

    • Cobb Salad


      Mixed greens, tomatoes, egg, turkey, bacon, avocado and scallions served with blue cheese dressing.

    • Caesar Salad


      Parmesan cheese, anchovies & crostini.

    • House Salad


      Carrot, celery, tomato, cucumber in a balsamic vinaigrette.

    • Beet Salad


      Roasted beets, yogurt gastrique, arugula & goat cheese.

    • Greek Salad


      Onion, cucumber, kalamata, tomato & feta.

    • Nicoise Salad


      Red bliss, green beans, egg, olives & oregano vinaigrette.

    • Tuna & Seaweed Salad

      $7.50 | $12.95

      Fresh Raw Tuna, greens,seaweed,EVOO,lemon zest,sesame seeds.

    • Uzaku


      Eel, cucumbers marinated in a soy sauce with vinegar and sesame seeds

    • Shima Bowl


      Spicy tuna, scallion, masago, avocado, seaweed, greens, chili oil, sriracha.

    • Lunch Sides

    • Side Salad


      House salad or Caesar salad

    • Pasta Salad


      Chef special daily

    • Chips

    • Sandwiches

    • Caprese

      $6.50 | $9.25

      Grilled semolina bread with EVOO and balsamic, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil & mixed greens

    • Chicken Picatta Salad

      $6.50 | $9.50

      Hand shredded chicken with carrot, celery and onion. EVOO & mayonnaise. Served on grilled Semolina Bread with tomatoes & mixed greens

    • Chicken Caesar

      $6.75 | $8.75

      Grilled chicken, caesar dressing, pancetta, and sundried tomatoes served on Italian bread with tomatoes and mixed greens

    • Chicken Parmesan

      $6.75 | $9.75

      Hand breaded chicken & pomodoro sauce stuffed into Italian bread, topped with mozzarella & parmesan cheeses, baked to a golden brown

    • Meatball Parmesan

      $6.25 | $9.25

      Hand Made Meatballs and pomodoro sauce stuffed into Italian bread and topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses and baked golden brown.

    • Portobello Parmesan

      $6.75 | $9.75

      Wine braised Portobellos and pomodoro sauce stuffed into Italian bread and topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses and baked golden brown

    • Portabella Aioli

      $6.75 | $9.75

      Wine braised portobellos and creamy aioli and fontina cheese served on Italian bread with mixed greens

    • Tampa Steak

      $8.00 | $11.00

      Sliced Filet grilled with mushrooms and onions on top of horseradish mayo finished with mixed greens and drizzled with blue cheese

    • Bistro Veggie

      $7.00 | $10.00

      Hummus, cucumber, sun-dried tomato, slaw mix, served on a grilled semolina bread

    • Tampa Chicken

      $7.25 | $10.25

      Sliced Chicken with mushrooms and onions on top of horseradish mayo finished with mixed greens and drizzled with blue cheese

    • Meatloaf Hoagie

      $7.00 | $10.00

      Hand made meatloaf sliced and grilled with cheddar, french aioli, tomatoes and mixed greens

    • Buffalo Chicken Hoagie

      $7.00 | $9.00

      Sliced Milanese Chicken smothered in Buffalo sauce, served on a hoagie with mayo tomatoes, mixed greens and a blue cheese drizzle on top

    • Heights Turkey

      $6.75 | $9.75

      Carolina gold, forage blanc, dijon, cucumber, and sun-dried tomatoes served on semolina

    • Cioppino

      $7.75 | $10.75

      Wahoo, shaved fennel salad with sun dried tomato, saffron aioli, served on a hoagie

    • The Burger


      Hand ground tenderloin, chuck, ribeye, Jameson brioche, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle

      *Add one of the following for $1: swiss, provolone, mozzarella, cheddar, sautéed onion or mushroom, egg

      *Add one of the following for $1.50: bacon, blue cheese, avocado

    • Chicken Sandwich


      Chicken breast grilled with soppressata, provolone, bacon, served on a Jameson bakery brioche with lettuce, onion, and tomato

    • Bistro Dip

      $7.95 | $10.95

      House roasted black angus shoulder. Horseradish aioli, provolone served in a hoagie with au jus

    • Po Boy

      $7.00 | $10.00

      Grilled cajun shrimp, house slaw, spicy remoulade, served in a hoagie